Below are some interesting images of the devices we have fabricated during the past years. Many of them worked as expected, albeit some were simply failed tries.

Collapsed BridgeWorld's smallest bridge collapsed without casualty. (2010)

ButterflyA butterfly photonic circuit. (2008)

Two cantileversSilicon arch bridges (interal compressive stress causes them to bulk up). (2007)

10um cantileverA high-quality self-sensing SiN cantilever. (Image courtesy of Ben Gudlewski) (2007)

BrdigeA bridge over troubled water (in real: a 1um long SiC beam with expected frequency beyond 1 GHz). (2006)

Two cantileversA pair of coupled cantilever with side gates to tune their frequecies. (2005)

TrampolineA trampoline micro hotplate. (2005)

CantileverA SiC cantilever (with gold piezoresistive transducer). (2004)